Fitness and Weight Loss Results

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As a personal trainer, I take the goals of each client very seriously. Each client has a different starting place and different goal. These are the stories of their journeys.

Kari Darnell


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“The number one thing I have learned through my fitness journey with Glenda is to believe in myself: that is all it takes. She has been a phenomenal support system and for once, I had met my perfect match. After having gone through several trainers and not one of them fully listening to what I had to say, Glenda took everything I brought to her and made the perfect plan for me. It’s not an easy journey, but after having gone through blood, sweat, and tears, I am reaching the goals I had never thought attainable. And for those who think it is too hard to eat healthy and too time consuming, it literally only takes me two to three hours to prep my meals for the entire week. So there is no excuse that it is too hard. If one wants something badly enough, he or she will fight for it. And I will end with this quote: ‘Once you begin to change, so will the world around you.’ This couldn’t be more true as I am living the best days of my life, for the rest of my life.”



Jacob N.

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